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        Company Profile

        Established in 2006, Jiangsu UNIKIT Optical Technologies Co., Ltd is s a state-level high-tech enterprise, specializing in fiber connection solutions. The production base is located in Xuyi county, Jiangsu province. We have two R&D center, one in IOT building of Nanjing university of posts and communications, the other in University-enterprise Cooperation Laboratory of Beijing Nationality University. We have obtained 23 invention patents and 37 utility model patents. Main products: fiber optic field assembly connector, fiber mechanical splice, fiber endface melter and melted optical fiber connector, MPO multi core low loss connector, fiber bragg gratting online test system and etc. 

        Company participated in drafting domestic industry standard of fiber optic field assembly connector, breaking the FTTH fiber access technology bottlenecks, and took the lead through the national authority-TLC Certification Center certification. After several years of painstaking research, now is a leading enterprise of domestic fiber optic field assembly connector.

        The fiber endface melter and melted optical fiber connector, independently developed by our selves, are mainly adopted in FTTH and ODF CO rebuilding. This technology can be applicable for making any fix-length patch cord on site, easy to operate, low cost, high efficiency, and resolve the problem that patch cord diffusion caused by too long or short.

        The company's MPO pre-terminated cable uses high-quality fiber optic cable and MPO / MTP, low insertion loss and high return loss characteristics meet the harsh high-speed network environment, its efficient plug and play structure greatly reduces the cost of installation and maintenance.

        The company always adhere to the business philosophy of "quality-oriented, customer; pursuit target of high standard and zero defect; uphold the spirit of unity and cooperation, continuous learning, diligence, high-quality. By the strength of technology, we can create a better future for people. By the fine products and genuine service, we can create more value for our customers!By the development of common business we can help our employees to accomplish their self-value.


        Tel:0517-88226969 Fax:0517-88220120

        Add: No 19, HeHuan Road, XuYi City, JiangSu Province, China.  

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